A collaborative exploration of land-based art in New Mexico


Nina DuBois, Untitled, from the series Dechets digest(es)


  University of New Mexico Art Museum

on the UNM Campus (UNM Art Museum & on the grounds)

Dispersal/Return: Land Arts of the American West 2000 – 2006
August 28 – November 25, 2009
Reception Friday, September 25, 5-7pm

Jess Dunn
River Ghostings: A Floodplain Abstract
An installation which re-imagines the Rio Grande's historical floodplain within a to-scale re-creation of the current linear corridor of the river.

Jeannette Hart-Mann & Nina DuBois
culture digest(e)

A site-specific art laboratory that explores the waste stream of the University of New Mexico campus and its potential to be creatively diverted and re-imagined. The outdoor structure has soil walls, growing grass on the outside and composting on the inside.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, August 25 - October 16, 11am - 2pm
Open viewing hours for culture digest(e)

Wednesdays, September 9 - October 14, between 2:30 - 3:30pm
Artists will be on hand to lead walking tours of on-campus organic waste collection September 9 - October 14 between 2:30 - 3:30pm.

Yoshimi Hayashi
Helms Alee
A video installation and a continuing time-based work shot in urban settings of Omote Sando, Tokyo and in the rural desert of Anza Borrego, California. The project documents the flow of wind in urban and rural settings, navigating these environments by means of a hand held sail. The wind current becomes a metaphor for the artist's psyche.

Ryan Henel

A site-specific work that generates a topography. Constructed of steel rods, the work makes reference to a triangulated irregular network (or TIN), a digital model that uses triangulation of point data to render a landscape.

Claire Long & Anna Keleher
Approaching an Exchange

An inter-temporal "exchange" initiated in Dartmoor National Park, England now comes to New Mexico. Visitors are invited to experience a film and off-site visits to a nearby archaeological site, where they can add their voices to the growing community of participants.

Geordie Shepherd
Traveling Boxes Albuquerque
A series of metaphysical and elementally themed boxes. Participants travel with the boxes to land art sites and on the ceramic forms contained in boxes, record their visual and/or prose response to site and theme. Each participant layers their response over the previous participant and at the project's conclusion ceramic vessels are fired fusing all layers into a single record.

More info on Traveling Boxes Albuquerque

Jennifer Van Horn
Bread & Jam
By serving bread and jam in the gallery within an art installation, viewers are invited to inhabit a creative space, contemplate the cultural and agricultural implications of food culture, and to consider the value of slow food and hand made objects in daily life.


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