A collaborative exploration of land-based art in New Mexico


  Contemporary Art Society

In celebration of LAND/ART, the Contemporary Art Society of New Mexico (CAS) and LARC (the Land Art Committee) will sponsor a series of tours to visit artists, land art installations, temporary sites, as well as existing community art focused on Land Art themes.

Please visit TOURS for more information and to register.

CAS will also sponsor guided tours of art sites within and adjacent to Rio Grande Valley State Park, in collaboration with the Aldo Leopold Centennial Celebration.

For more information about the Aldo Leopold Centennial Celebration visit www.leopoldcelebration.org

For more information about CAS visit www.casofnm.org


Contemporary Art Society of New Mexico
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Albuquerque, NM 87181-0331
t. 505-244-8777


LAND/ART concluded November 2009. This site is in the process of being archived.
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