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Gardner Post & Brian Kane: Go For Launch
Through July 12

Gardner Post and Brian Kane are artists working with video and emerging technologies in large-scale performance oriented installation and media-activism. Their new work at CCA's Muñoz Waxman Gallery included an interactive installation using original uncut NASA footage from the first space missions. It is a commentary on the Space Race, and the competition to land on the moon that was a product of the Cold War, technological superiority and the real fear on both sides that the other might place weapons of mass descruction in space, all issues that are particularly relevant to both land use in the region and the current political climate.

image: Gardner Post & Brian Kane, Go For Launch, 2009, video projections

Basia Irland
July 3 31, 2009

CCA presented ice sculptures and photography by Basia Irland in the spector ripps project space. Embedded in carved ice books is a riparian ‘text’ of local native seeds, which are released as the ice melts in a stream’s current. When the plants regenerate and grow along the bank they help hold the banks in place, provide shelter, and sequester carbon. Irland works with stream ecologists, river restoration biologists, and botanists to find the best seeds for each specific riparian zone.

Talk & River Excursion with Basia Irland
The Albuquerque Museum, Sunday June 28, 4pm

In conjunction with this exhibition, Basia presented a short film at the Albuquerque Museum about her carved ice books embedded with riparian seeds that have been gifted to streams around the world. Immediately following the film, she led a short excursion to the Rio Grande for the “launching’ of ice books into the river. The seeds were released into the river as the ice melts in the current. When the plants regenerate and grow along the bank, they help sequester carbon, hold the banks in place and provide shelter. This event was co-presented with the Albuquerque Museum and Center for Contemporary Arts

Basia Irland's work has been exhibited internationally and is in 22 permanent collections including the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Public Archives of Canada, and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. She has received numerous grants and awards including a Fulbright Senior Research Award to Southeast Asia. In 1996, two small press books, Water Cycle (Pyramid Atlantic Press) and River Reciprocity (Salient Seedling Press) were published.

image: Basia Irland, receding/reseeding

Mapping a Green Future
October 9 November 21, 2009


CCA presented Mapping a Green Future, an exhibition that looks toward the promise of sustainability, and the challenges we currently face. The connection between the automobile, life and air is explored through Andrea Polli and Chuck Varga's Cloud Car. Polli's weather station Hello, Weather! attempts to de-mystify the collection and use of weather and climate. Bill Gilbert documented walking the grid, as topography and legalities allow. Jenny Polak negotiated border politics through a sound installation made from conversations with immigrant workers. Joan Myers' panoramic photography of power plants dealt with industrialization's impact on the environment. Eve Andrée Laramée displayed documentation of her work with uranium in the area. The Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI) Display Facility drew people to a site-specific project located on the fringe of Albuquerque. Basia Irland documented her rainwater harvesting systems along rivers. Jenny Marketou gathered and disseminated aerial data from the region. Claudia Borgna created a garden of palm trees utilizing recycled shipping bags. Catherine Harris with support from Lee Montgomery, charted the water displacement of the gallery through use of sculptural hydrographs. Beatriz da Costa displayed Pigeonblog, an environmental monitoring device, and Brooke Singer exhibited her data collection on superfund sites. John Fogerty and Lea Rekow created a video booth to ask people where their electicity comes from. The Bioneers presented their Dreaming New Mexico project and CCA served as a satellite for the 2009 Bioneers Conference, broadcasting to the CCA cinematheque. The American Institute of Architects hosted a lecture and workshop by Marion Blackwell. And the CCA Moving Image Lab presented a short environmental documentary shot by the CCA and organizations engaged with environmental issues. The exhibition explored how New Mexico is in a unique position to advance alternative energy policy in the United States.

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images: left, Jenny Marketou, Bubbles, 2009, weather balloons, video camera, community action; right, Claudia Borgna,

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