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smudge studio


Smudge Studio designed, produced and is web hosting information, documentation, and creative responses to LAND/ART on their website and blog: www.smudgestudio.org and blog: www.smudgestudio.blogspot.com. Their project for LAND/ART joins blogging with the design and production of web exhibitions, and activates a hybrid voice that cross-pollinates journalism, art, design, education, and media. smudge studio aims to be a generative resource and outlet for artists, museum and art educators, environmental designers, and the general public.

"Our blog project sifts, bridges, maps and cross-pollinates networks among the expanding field of artists + environments. We offer the site as a generative media resource for a growing network of contemporary artists, designers, urban planners, researchers, and scientists variously referred to as 'New Land Arts', 'Artists/Designers + Environments', or 'land use interpretation'."

January 2010: smudge studio presents a virtual exhibition of LAND/ART (click on the link below)


Support LAND/ART and receive smudge studio's artist edition of 30 postcards depicting "Limit Case" landscapes and land uses encountered on their recent journey in the Southwest. To view the postcards and order your set of 30 for a tax deductible donation of $20, please visit BOOKS

Smudge Studio's participation is supported in part by a grant from the University of New Mexico College of Fine Arts. Their new media initiative takes the form of an ongoing experiment in using art to expand the uses of media, and media to expand the networks among artists + environments.

Invitation to contribute
Smudge Studio invites participants, viewers and presenters to contribute to the blog. Send your postings on announcements to related events, your own personal comments/perspectives on upcoming events, or your reviews of events as you experience them.

image: litter reaches a limit, 2007 from the limit case postcard series



LAND/ART concluded November 2009. This site is in the process of being archived.
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