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  AMP Concerts


AMP Concerts, in partnership with 516 ARTS, presented a very special performance with Laurie Anderson for LAND/ART held at the KiMo Theatre.


Wednesday, June 10, 7:30pm

Burning Leaves
: A Retrospective of Song and Stories

followed by a reception at 516 ARTS, 516 Central Ave. SW

This collection of songs and stories included pieces from Anderson's acclaimed solo shows The Speed of Darkness, Happiness, The End of the Moon and Homeland. In an intimate evening of voice, electronics and violin, Anderson spun offbeat adventure stories with her characteristic wit and poignancy. The evening also featured her solo violin pieces which have become increasingly complex and symphonic. As NASA's first artist-in-residence, Anderson draws on her recent research and travels. Part travelogue, part personal theories, history and dreams The End of the Moon looks at the relationships between war, aesthetics, spirituality and consumerism. Anderson explores the contemporary meanings of freedom and time as well as the tangled ways in which we decide what is beautiful now. Much of Anderson's work explores the interaction of art, technology and science, a common theme for land-based artists, many of whom have explored the stars and planets as reflected on earth.

Anderson's video piece Hidden Inside Mountains, which was featured at 516 ARTS, uses "telegraphic language to describe the scale and sensuality of nature." On Tuesday night, June 9 at 7pm & 9pm she participated in a talk and screening on the dome of the Plantarium discussing artists working with scientific technologies. More details

For more information visit: AMP Concerts (www.ampconcerts.org) and the KiMo Theatre (www.cabq.gov/kimo)


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